Get Fix Your Old Fan or Replace At Your Home By Expert - Home Service Charges Rs.250

Fan error/ fan not working, The laptop makes weird noise while running

Is your laptop making weird noise while running?

If your laptop is making weird noise while running, it can be an alarm for some big issue with your laptop. It is recommended to not ignore those weird noise and get your laptop diagnosed by the experts. Would not it be better if expertsvisityour place and get it diagnosed at free of cost? Yes, Lappy Lab will provide you complete free diagnosis of your laptop causing weird noise. However, we will charge only for the repair work. We have heard several complaints from our clients about some weird noise coming from their laptops. It is one ofthe most commonproblemsfaced by the professionalsand students. It could be fan error or laptop fan not working case. Mostly laptop cooling fan causes this kindof noise in your laptop.Therefore, it can be inferred that if you are hearing some weird noise coming from your laptop it could be damaged fan of your laptop. For the fan error, youcan call ourexperts immediately for the help. We have a team of laptop technicians who can help you in getting solve your problems within afew hours at the comfort of your home.

Our team can immediately solve the weird noise making error of your laptop. As we mentioned, fan not working is the most common cause of that noise, we will replace or repair the laptop fan dependingon the damage extent. If fan is highly damaged andcannot be repaired, we will replace it with the genuine new fan with warranty. Yes, we only use genuine spare parts to replace the parts. We will replace the part in frontof your eyes, there is nothing hidden.